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Above photo courtesy of Dorothy Downing (R&D) 1983

Above photo courtesy of Ron Seidler: Christmas party at Joe Johnson's in 1978

In case you forgot who-is-who, they are: Ron Grau & Joe Johnson in forground, Suzy Scheetz, Rick, Lew Voils on sofa, Jan Howie, Paul Smith, Isabel Rigney, Karen Housman, Bruce McDuffy, Ed Johnson, Karen Wemm, Kerm LaBoeuf, Jim Walker, Jeff Thompson, Vivian McNeill, Melanie Lane Mendoza, Jim Charlow, Raj M. & Karen Wemm.  We really did have a lot of fun in the old days . . .


   Above photo courtesy of Sam Macera, Rossford Quality Control

Attached is a photo of some Hunt-Wesson employees who all worked at the Rossford, Ohio plant and who meet once a month for breakfast to renew friendships and reminisce about the "good old days" at the plant, certainly with much exaggeration and melodrama. In the photo are seated: Max Freytag (warehouse) and Denny Miller (purchasing/maintenance). Standing are Koko Yamashira (plant controller), Roy Heinz (warehouse office) and Greg Walsh (safety/sanitation). Mike Calmes (supplies) was absent.  I took the photo so I'm not in it.


Above scan courtesy of Ron Seidler.


Courtesy of Ginny Henry (Left): Annual train ride with her sister from LA => Santa Barbara


Courtesy of Paul Smith (now lives in Philadelphia, and as you can see still has all his hair!)


Courtesy of Ron Seidler: Vivian Wisehart & Karen Wemm - 1978


Courtesy of Jed Sherwindt: Bob Sherwindt and Tax/Credit Department Members


























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